Home MusicPlaying the introduction to Fade to Black to learn
Playing the introduction to Fade to Black to learn

Playing the introduction to Fade to Black to learn

When you start playing the acoustic or electric guitar, it is very important to inspire yourself with beautiful melodies. One of such famous and popular guitar melodies is the introduction for the Fade to Black song of Metallica.

Why start learning it?

The reason, of why many new guitar players decide to learn this melody is simple – the melody sounds really good.  At the same time, it is simple enough for newcomers to start and in some time to see the good result. There are enough qualitative tutorials on how to play the song, as well as sheet music for guitar (both acoustic and electric).

Release and achievements

The song has an interesting history. During the recording of the composition Fade to Black, the members of the metal band Metallica decided to go through a few risks. This was their first rock ballad, and no one knew exactly how the fans would react to it. In addition, the song was devoted to a difficult topic, which could provoke an ambiguous reaction of critics. The song is performed on behalf of a person who is on the verge of suicide. Already crossed the line, he realizes that he made a mistake, but it is too late. The composition begins with an acoustic introduction but gradually becomes heavier. Later Metallica will have a few more songs with a similar structure (Welcome Home and others). Guitar World put the guitar solo on 24th place on the top list. Thereby, after learning the introduction, you can try yourself in playing the more complicated (but no less beautiful) part – solo.