I Give - Architect

I Give

I give her everything
My body soul and a wedding ring
All for the better things in life
No matter what the weather brings
Gleaming bling sunshine after heavy rain
Love and shame, I'm there always to weather with her all the pain

I wipe the tears from her eyes
Never want to see her cry
Why, she keeps me high like drugs, she superfly
Never strike out like baseball cause we stars
Streaking the sky like windex, bring death for her if she will it

We fly first class over head like coach bags
Those fags, they images of us is so bad, go head
My dancer can't be touched in my grip
Nothing can approach this, our love flourishes

Fulfilling wishes, keep ya bitches, I got what I miss
Lost memories return in cascades when we kiss
I reminisce of the days we lived in we stayed
Together, like twins in twine, I keep on giving like this

But those times are gone now along with the loving
Tender caress I miss when I think about my woman
Her dark brown eyes, caramel smooth skin I feel from back then
Is gone, now I want revenge

My heart beats for no reason, believe son
If I could obtain what I lost, I'd be whole again I need one
No, I need her in my life, the strife unbearable bearing no price
I'm connected like white is to rice

Alright, my eyes well with tears as the time grows near
She slips from my grasp leaving me asking
Where the passion late nights replaced now by loud fights
Mid-life nothing to see like I lost my sight

I gave you everything and this is how it is
I saw from a mile, yet I didn't evade it
Instead I faded it, play it, like a playstation
Never again will I live for real you win I give

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