George Harrison At John Lennons House - Apple Scruffs

George and John Jamming LIVE - Apple Scruffs 1971

Following the break-up of The Beatles, George Harrison wrote a song called "Apple Scruffs", which appeared on his 1970 solo album All Things Must Pass. It was written as a tribute to the loyal fans who had kept vigil outside the various studios he'd been working in since late May that year and the Apple headquarters on Savile Row.[7][8]

New York Post writer Al Aronowitz was present during much of these sessions and would recall: "Outside the studio door, whether it rained or not, there was always a handful of Apple Scruffs, one of them a girl all the way from Texas. Sometimes George would record from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and there they would be, waiting through the night, beggars for a sign of recognition on his way in and out."[9] That description is borne out in the song's lyrics: "Through the fog and in the rain / Through the pleasure and the pain / On the step outside you stand / With flowers in your hands, my Apple Scruffs" − with Harrison concluding: "How I love you / How I love you."

Harrison recorded the song late in the proceedings, during the overdubbing and mixing phase of the album, and even invited the "scruffs" into Abbey Road Studios to hear the results.[10] As a then-teenage scruff, Gill Pritchard, later recalled, Harrison told them: "Well, you had your own magazine, your own office on the [studio] steps, so why not your own song?"[10] Uniquely among the tracks on All Things Must Pass, "Apple Scruffs" was performed solo by Harrison, on acoustic guitar and harmonica, with overdubbed backing vocals and twin slide guitar parts.[7]

On release, reviewers were quick to point out the obvious Dylan influence.[11][9][12] Rolling Stone's Ben Gerson described "Apple Scruffs" as "One of the most wonderful cuts on the album" and added: "it sounds as if it was recorded while Spector was out for coffee."[11] Author Simon Leng praises the song's bottleneck parts, and particularly the inventive backing vocals − "the best on the album".[7]

George pays a visit to Johns Pad in 1971..

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