The Stroll Patrol - Hottentot

The Stroll Patrol @ the 2008 Holiday Stroll in Nashua, NH

The Stroll Patrol is a group that gets together every November for the holiday stroll that occurs every year in our hometown. We're usually home from college for turkey day, so we run a few tunes and head out into the cold. Yeah, about that... It's fucking cold. I don't know how many of you reading this (if any actually are) have played outside in the snow, but let me tell you... it fucking blows. Historically, we've gotten about a 3-4 hour slot to play in front of a little mom and pop store (which is awesome), but it's really cold. After maybe a song or two, your fingers will either go numb or be warmed up enough that it's manageable. The tune here is off the Scofield A Go Go album - "Hottentot".

Andrew Cote - Drums
Sean Morris - Bass
Josh Mattie - Guitar

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