Redfoot - Make it Quick

Working alongside Darby Cicci of the Antlers, newcomers Redfoot have managed to soar to their colleague's heights.

Brooklyn-based trio Antlers make mood music. Brooding and earnest, it creates an intimate world for you to exist in. With only a mild build and a heart-aching delivery, each song manages to get the listener invested, letting them slowly ascend with it. And like with my favourite track No Widows, as you are rising, you pray its wings don't break.

Redfoot shows that same talent with Make it Quick. Like Burst Apart highlights, the track shows a deft hand with atmospherics, creating ethereal elements that are as crucial as the vocals and drums. Taking influence from OK Computer's sustained notes (a la Pink Floyd), the guitars create a dream-like, almost psychedelic environment. However, it avoids becoming mush with a tight verse-chorus format. This allows the controlled tension of the verses to release fully in the impassioned chorus. The high point however, is the final minute, where the song begins to roll forward more focused and determined.

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