David Bowie - Suffragette City - live 1972 (rare footage/2016 edit)

I put this video together from all the footage I could find of Bowie performing 'Suffragette City' live in 1972. Some of the footage was silent, some had other songs dubbed on to them - so I spent a lot of time lip-reading and matching fragments to the audio track, retiming the footage where necessary to get it in synch. The audio comes from the Santa Monica 1972 show. On that occasion, Bowie forgot some of the lyrics early in the song, so I've re-instated them for this version.

The clips used in this video vary in quality (one source had a watermark which I had to mask out), but I feel I've done the best with what I had access to.

I think the video captures the energy and excitement of seeing Ziggy and the Spiders perform live in 1972. It's been a labour of love to put together.
I hope you like it.

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