Under the Flood - Alive in the Fire Cover

This is a cover of Under the Flood's "Alive in the Fire."

I'm running through a Korg Pitchblack tuner, ISP Decimator noise reduction pedal, T.C. Electronic G-Major and then through a Mesa 20/20 power amp, which is pushing a Mesa 1x12 Cab with a Celestion V30.

The guitar being used is a Carvin V220 with Seymour Duncan JB/59 setup, tuned to drop c with fresh D'Addario strings. There is a single Shure SM57 being used to mic the amp, and that is running through an MXL Mic Mate Pro preamp and into Cubase 5.1.

I did the drums and the bass in MIDI. No kittens were injured in the making of this film, but I did eat a sandwich, and it was harmed in the process.

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