'Shenandoah' - jazz piano tutorial

Keith Jarrett's version from his solo album 'The Melody At Night, With You' album, is the piano version that is best known - so simple and tasteful. This is not an attempt to copy his recording, but I think that I tried to play in that very simple style.
This was a midi file that I recorded over 8 years ago. I used it to create the video, and keyboard view on this video. Perhaps I have tried to crowd too much on to this video - I added the leadsheet that I used, and also a moving cursor that moves faster or slower in sync with the notation views.
The video and the midi file are free to download from my website - http://www.bushgrafts.com and the printable transcription, and the simple leadsheet that I used are on my DVD and can be bought ($1.20) as a separate package (details on the website)

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