Alias - The Other Side of The Looking Glass [Full Album+Inst]

Anticon: 2002
1. Bejin
2. Jovial Costume
3. Angel Of Solitude
4. Dying To Stay
5. Getting By (Version 2)
6. Arrival
7. Watching Water
8. Opus Ashamed (Feat. Dose One)
9. Black Tea
10. Inspirations Passing (ft. DJ Mayonnaise & Ehren Whitney)
11. Pill Hiding
12. Slow Motion People
13. Final Act
1 Jovial Costume [1:00:01]
2 Angel Of Solitude
3 Getting By (Version 2)
4 Arrival
5 Watching Water
6 Opus Ashamed
7 Inspirations Passing (ft. DJ Mayonnaise & Ehren Whitney)
8 Pill Hiding
9 Slow Motion People
10 Final Act
11 Untitled
12 Untitled
13 Untitled
14 Untitled
The humble godfather of goth-hop and once-unsung seminal ironman of Anticon, Alias avenges the downtrodden and abused producer-rapper. Composing music from his deepest shades, this irrefutable jack of all trades drops anchor with a debut solo full length intended to serve as hiphop’s response to a Stevie Wonder record, with virtually all writing, composition, and production created by the artist himself. This collection of introspective lyrics rapped over ethereal, minor-chord drones, dark samples, and aggressive, dubbed-out drum beats was recorded in home studios between December 1998 and October 2001. The production is rainy-day contemplative and rhythmically menacing, and the mixes sound simultaneously calculated and spontaneous. As a complete record, the other side of the looking glass is serious and consistent, leaving the listener on the see through side of a two-way-mirror with a clear sense of what it is to be Alias.

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