Photogenic Memory by Randy Roos (Full Album)

"Photogenic Memory"
Randy Roos

This CD was Originally released by Pony Canyon on Oct 21, 1990

M-1 Photogenic Memory
M-2 Float
M-3 Yellowstone
M-4 State of Thanks
M-5 ...But with Dignity
M-6 Morning Jewel
M-7 Still, Waiting
M-8 Spiche

All Music written by Randy Roos

Randy Roos: Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, All Sequencing and Programming
Victor Baily: Bass
Mino Cinelu: Percussion
Peter Erskine: Drums
Bill Evans: Soprano Sax
Steve Khan: Sadowsky Electric Nylon Strings Guitar on M-6

Executive Producer: Eiki Nonaka (for AGHARTA / Pony Canyon)
Produced by Howie Lee Morrel
"Guitar Birds" Illustration by Yumi Kodama

Some Notes about this album.

During my time at Berklee College Of Music in Boston between 1979 and 1983, I came across with Mr. Randy Roos and his band who was performing almost regularly at a club nearby, named "Poo's Bar", I was fascinated by his music and immediately became a devoted fan.

After I had come back to Tokyo, and I started to work on various projects, but his music never left my mind. But sadly, I couldn't find his records anywhere. His name was very well known and respected among musicians in Boston, but has not become a household name like Pat Metheny, who was also from Boston.

And one day, I was chatting with my director at Pony Canyon Record about the music scene in Boston, I suddenly came up with Randy's name and idea to make his album and release it from Pony Canyon.

I proposed this idea to him, and it took me a while, but few months later, I have succeeded to secure budget enough to make a full album!

I soon called Randy in Boston and told him about my idea for his album and the budget I secured from Pony.

Naturally, he was very excited, and soon after, he came up with a list of musicians he can book through a producer he was working with, and some dates available at studios in NY where he was planning to record.

And this is what we’ve made! I think his music still sounds as fresh as when they came out in 1990. And I am very proud of this album, not just because I have personal attachment and some great memories of making the album with him in NY, I was privileged to work with some of the best musicians whom I respect the most.

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do.


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