Pig Destroyer - Adam Jarvis Drum Footage - Book Burner

Pig Destroyer - Adam Jarvis Drum Footage - Book Burner

Starting with the drum kit, I used a Ddrum Dios Sereis Kit which consists of 2-22" kick drums, 10" and 12" rack toms, and a 16" floor tom. For the snare (which is the best sounding snare I've ever used live or in the studio) is a 5.5" x 14" Ddrum Artisan Series Hand Hammered Iron Snare. This snare is a tank and really cuts live or in the studio.

The pedals I used on the record are the Axis A21 Derek Roddy Series. Awesome pedals and helped me execute some of the crazy foot work on the record. Also from Axis I use the remote hi-hat mount, which is small and super convenient to have on the road. Great piece of hardware!

As for the rest of the gear used in the onslaught, I use Regal Tip 5BX (but naked - no lacquer finish) drumsticks and DB Drum Shoes (which I recommend to any drummer). I don't play without them (unless I lose them on tour!) and all the hardware is Ddrum.

~ Adam Jarvis

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