Sycamore - Forgotten Child [Pig Destroyer cover]

Sort-of official Track 6 on The Trigger Holocaust. Now with bass guitar. Also FREE on bandcamp

I love Pig Destroyer as much as the next guy, but fuck man. The vocals on the original were the articulation equivalent of an autistic kid reading upside down underwater. So, for that reason, I've decided to include two lyric transcriptions: the actual lyrics, and the ones I used to kinda fill in the gaps. Because believe me there were fucking gaps. Go listen to the original along with the actual lyrics, I dare you.

Actual lyrics:
A sliver of star dances through my sky
To crash into another lifetime
Always the journey never the destination
Those lovely columns of fanged smoke
Wander through plastic gardens
Where kisses blown at a forgotten love
Still drift looking for a face in a world of masks
I see a light on a dead horizon
Glowing like a bed of sapphires in a sea of ash
But it's a distraction and nothing more
Just an instrument to measure the darkness
That swallows me from time to time

Misheard lyrics: (what you're hearing)
A silver of star
through my sky
to crash into another lifetime

Oh my god, kill it with fire, it's so ugly, oh my god
You're a drug
Blowing smoke
Oh my god, call my mom, nooo

[funky part]

Yeah right
I can't read
Throw up
over my sky

and I see a light
on a dead hor- izon
I can't read, standby

But it's a distraction
that swallows me
from time to time

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