Brand new song by Christen Sawyer - Long Ride

It's been about 3 years since I started posting videos on YouTube and getting to know you guys. The past two years have been crazy--releasing three singles to TX radio, dropping my first full album "Picture Un-Perfect", and touring acoustic and with my friends from the Chad Hammock Band. I am SO excited to tell you that I've finally found four fantastic musicians to continue performing with!! I wanted to share some video with yall since you've been here from the beginning with me :) I've got tons of new songs & am going to start posting them to see what you think!

About "Long Ride":
I wrote this song about the incredible (and tough!) journey we face in the "music biz" but really it's about that moment when you look around at what you've accomplished and wonder if it's enough. I had a nightmare that I was just running in circles and this song is what came of it! Robert Frost is one of my favorite poets and I was able to bring some of the concept of his poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" into the bridge of this song... Because nobody says it like Robert Frost!!

There's a picture of the two of us from three years ago:
Dreamers lost in the real world
Well I've been praying for sunlight but it keeps raining
Made the mess and now it's hell we're paying, on a

Long ride to nowhere
And the dark clouds lay shadows on the sun
Yeah it's a long ride to nowhere
Oh but it's too late to change what we've become
Can't be undone

Someone stop this train--I fear we've run off track
I'm tangled and I'm tied in all these strings attached
Well I've been praying for a miracle but it ain't coming, oh Lord no
Rollin' on, can you tell me where we're going? 'Cause it's a


If it glitters gold it can never stay, yeah
So honey don't you cry when the magic fades...


There's a picture of the two of us from three years ago
A wish upon a star to be unbreakable.

Footage from our FIRST full band show at the TEXAS MUSIC THROWDOWN benefit for wounded soldiers (Heroes On The Water). We got to open for the amazing Cory Morrow at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Conroe Texas.

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