13 The Rabbithole (Featuring Terra lopez)

How far does this rabbit hole go?
Alice in a blunderland, flammable soul
Animals roam in the catacombs, slow
Searching for capital, searching for hope
Turning the sad into tangible goals
And burning their flags to adapt to the cold
Ration control, happiness sold
Eye-for-eye habits, a cannibal cult
They feed me cyanide tablets
They breathe low at the sight of my panic
Heavy-hearted, mind if I stab it?
Depths of my sanity, height of my madness
I'm on prescription, iodine tablets
I don't trust the water, so why would I have it?
Jim Jones with the Kool-Aid, sip slow
Two faces, one slit throat
Animals pile in the oceans of medicine
Alcohol vials, the coke and the mescaline
Antidote style, smoke for adrenaline
And I don't smile, it exposes my skeleton
I got the soul of an elephant
Grieving a lost on the road that's so desolate
My goals is to resonate the ghost of the Oedipus
And "Dear God" letters that I wrote for the hell of it
You see the tendencies? For them it's the tendencies
But not me, see I can attend to get 10 degrees
Attention peaked at 10 'til the 10 gets reached
But not me...Increase intensity
I walk 'til the tendons cease, Achilles
I can walk to a ten dead sea and drown myself in it
Narcissist, did it, give me any minute
I'll admit that I am just an artist that's a part of this equation, huh?
Nah, I'm a part of [this aphasia?] [dysphagia?] [dysphasia?]
I fuck myself, I'm so out on nymphomania
Got to make up words, it's getting harder to explain it but
The particles in my brain erupt
The pace is up when I'm vulnerable and caught up in the mania
I'm in the cut, off the indica, in the cuts
Never seems to ceases so I zip it shut
I'm on 50, a milli, a milli grams
Enough so I'm not, a killing, a killing them
I feel a million, I'm the villain I'm
Antagonistic, fish is obsidian
But so purple inspired, circling, tired, in a circus attire
Bumbling bubble bee, working for hire
Build prisons to live in and churches for liars
Perfect environment, a purchase desire
Selling the souls for which version is higher
Parents used to listen to that Earth, Wind & Fire
But I like Cohen, Bird on a Wire
Moral compass, like "Fuck it, I don't need it,"
If it bleeds then it can die, and if it dies then I can eat it
That includes minor demons, platitudes, and my secrets
That I keep, Alice with the clavicle so creep
With me as I crawl through the hood, maniac
Lunatic, or just unimpressed, yeah I've felt a hundred deaths
Facing all the greatest odds, bet I'm in the hunt again
Pacing 'til it makes me lost, sweat until I'm puffer fish
Razor and an aching jaw, Ritalin, my upper lip
Take it with a grain of salt, [?]
Painting on the [?] walls, sentences my lover said
I'll chase you down the rabbit hole until I lose my breath

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