TikTak - Kyyneleet Cubase Cover "why girls cry"

TikTak - Kyyneleet Cover (Why girls cry)
again a dedication to the ex band....
The music is fun to play so I keep on doing it... as always, listening to the original - then I played the cubase! ;o) I just trust my ears. No other help!

all tracks played in with Yamaha PDP-100 standup E-Piano "1994" with Midi interface

2x Virtual Bassist (manually tuned)
4x Virtual Guitarrist Acoustic
Virtual E-Guitarist
Hypersonic 2
Steel String Acoustic XXL "guitar"
GM Nylon Ac. Guitar
Pintine E-Piano
GM Solo Voice (petra begin "high humming")
Female Ohh Choir MD (girls)
Female Ohh Choir XXL (girls)
Female Ahh Choir MD (girls)
Clean Stratocaster2 XXL+"Amp Sim"
Bells n Vibes
GM Strings Ensemble 1
GM Solo Voice (girls "singing" final chorus)
Binder Lead (petra lead singing)
The Grand "virtual piano":
Setup: Model 1 - Standup Piano Natural
2x Groove Agent 2 VST drumcomputer:
1x hithat groove
1x clean rhythm
Multiband Compressor
VST Dynamics "Limiter"
Spectralive Exciter Mastermode 5
Firium equalizer

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