Nightwish- "Romanticide" Allentown, PA

Nightwish performing "Romanticide" in Allentown, PA 5/3/09

**Please NO bashing Anette! I'm simply sharing my footage and this is NOT the place to argue over who is better. **
Thank you

I said MULTIPLE times that if you don't like Anette, that is fine, but if you can't leave CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM then I will close the comment section. Maybe I will reopen it in the future, but the Anette vs. Tarja debate will not exist here. It's time to get over it.

A lesson on how to give constructive criticism:

"I don't like Anette, because her style of singing is not my favorite, and I don't feel she sings well live. I prefer the more operatic voices of Tarja or Simone."


"I don't like Tarja, because classical Opera vocals are not my thing."

See? Was that so hard? You don't have to like her, but if you're going to say you don't, don't be lazy and give a good reason why.

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