tiktak - jää (glas) - cubase programming

tiktak - jää (glas) - Cubase.

even though the band seperated I am still a great fan of the music of this finnish band. I was in january in helsinki getting the last album sinkut, so playing along made me think to do this here. So here's jää or glass how it's in the english version called as my own cubase version...
here I show how I programmed the chorus oart by part. that's a long video but just watch...
watch out till the end of the video, I tried something amazing with the help of adobe auditons vocal filter! ;o)

Used Steinberg tools:
Cubase SX
virtual Bassist 2
Hypersonc 2
Groove Agent 2
Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition
Virtual Guitarist
Played in with Yamaha E-Piano PDP-100 with midi interface and my "ears" I can't read notes. And I don't want to read them... *laugh

I am making music since i was a child. I "play by hearing". I first started with keyboard later e-piano and guitar. All these three things work quite well. I hear a song and after a short while I am able to play it.

More text info in the other music stuff I have uploaded!

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