Game of Thrones Theme - guitar cover by Guitar On Demand

If you like Game of Thrones intro music theme watch this guitar cover and let me know if you like it?

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Is music something that really moves you? Does it happen that you're finding some new song you can listen over and over?
I feel the same!
When I really like a song I use YouTube to search for new expressions and variations of that specific song – just to extend my enchantment around it.

I thought that you act in the same way - that's why I created “Guitar on Demand” - YouTube channel where you can order a guitar cover (e.g. of your favorite hit).

Just write a comment underneath the last uploaded clip – describe what would you like me to play. Every 2 weeks I choose one of your suggestions and perform this song specially for you:)

My name is Michael, I live in Warsaw, Poland. I’m a guitarist who adapted most of the surface in my flat as a storage for guitar equipment - not because I’m Joe Satriani (I do make mistakes and don’t have an endless list of different techniques) but because I passionately love creating the music and sharing it with others.

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