Various Artists - Extraordinary Chill Lounge, Vol. 5 (Best of Downbeat Chillout Lounge Café Pea...

Various Artists - Extraordinary Chill Lounge, Vol. 5 (Best of Downbeat Chillout Lounge Café Pearls)
Released 2014-08-08 on Freebeat Music Records

1. 00:00:00 Soundset City Floating Away (Dream Lounge Mix) (Dream Lounge Mix)
2. 00:05:02 Pascheba Uvlight (Ambient Mare Mix) (Ambient Mare Mix)
3. 00:10:08 Sannan The Time Dubble
4. 00:14:37 Simon Le Grec Where Is the Love I'm Looking For (feat. Denise Guttenbach)
5. 00:23:44 Jean Mare Time for Two (Smooth Lounge Mix) (Smooth Lounge Mix)
6. 00:29:39 Sannan L'éternel Reve de Monsieur Satie
7. 00:35:54 Peter Pearson Drifting Off
8. 00:40:04 Nightview Nightlife Melody (Jazzy Lounge Mix) (Jazzy Lounge Mix)
9. 00:44:18 Soundset City One Night with You (Cool Lounge Cut) (Cool Lounge Cut)
10. 00:48:25 Vono Box Crime City
11. 00:51:57 Photo in Lounge Look Into My Eyes
12. 00:55:30 Project Blue Sun Another Chance
13. 01:00:51 Artenovum Give Me Something to Believe In (Vocal Session Chillout Mix) (Vocal Session Chillout Mix)
14. 01:06:24 Jean Mare Filter Lagoon (Chillout Effects Mix) (Chillout Effects Mix)
15. 01:13:30 Soundset City Lateral Motion (Jazzy Cool Cut) (Jazzy Cool Cut)
16. 01:17:42 Nightview Reaching Out (Trap Chillout Mix) (Trap Chillout Mix)
17. 01:21:33 Bernon Your Gonna Be Allright (Jazzy Chillout Mix) [feat. Jean Mare] (Jazzy Chillout Mix)
18. 01:26:46 Peter Pearson Off the Radar

Extraordinary chill lounge fifth edition. Brilliant and sexy. This new compilation consists of finest and best chill & lounge music. Perfectly produced on a high quality level with nice arrangements. Harmonic, longing, sensitive and dreamy songs. “Extraordinary” presents the whole spectrum of genre typical soundscapes with jazzy, sensibility tunes and vocals. We take you with on an exceptional trip of various styles of chill & lounge. All well known artists on this compilation have their own charme, personality and their special note. 80 minutes full relaxing music with brand new highlights.
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℗ 2014 Freebeat Music Records .

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