Darwin Deez - Kill Your Attitude (Audio)

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so i stay six feet away from you at all times, until you don’t know who i am
and i match your movements, match each little toe tap, and stand off to the side
reflecting you in silence

you wanna play games, change your number and burn your outfit
who should i say gains when you lose your shit?

kill your attitude, girl
you know i’m mad at you still, and i know you’re mad at me
but when your batteries die, don’t come untied

it’s been a year since you were here i hope you’ve had fun, with your arms across your chest
and i write you letters write but you don’t read them
you throw them in the garbage

you wanna play games, scrap the doormat and leave a landmine
who should i say gains when you lose your mind?


but when your batteries drain, don’t be a pain


you wanna play games…


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