Floyd the Barber - Breakbeat Shop #009 (Breakbeat 2016 mix)

Floyd's Breakbeat Shop - russian breakbeat show on criminaltribe.com/radio. Every second tuesday of the month in 21-00 CET brand new breakbeat, big beat, breaks, industrial, electronic rock from post-soviet territory produsers!

This show was in two parts, second was dedicated to breakbeat with punchy beats & guitar sound. Enjoy it!
#009 (10.05.2016)_______________Tracklist [no voice]:
00:00 The Tesla's Method - Break Of Silence (intro 2016) [Free]
03:10 [SC]Smash3r - The Experiment [Dub]
06:54 3D Stas - Sleeping In Turbine [Dead Beats LP]
10:56 Subface - Buzz (Floyd the Barber Remix) [Dub]
13:55 Denis Burkov - Information war [Free]
17:06 FB Force - Sequence of Bits [Dub]
20:37 Shakedown – At Night (MuzMes remix) [Dub]
24:14 LET!Z DANCE - M.M.S.F.
28:10 3D Stas - Scream Remains (Demo)
30:37 Valeriy Gnezdilov - Black Hole (Сut version) [Free]
33:02 Subface – Xibil [Dope Funk EP Free]
35:13 Noobtorio - Hot Road [Audiojungle version]
36:48 The Prodigy - Firestarter (Grach0v Remix)
39:17 Little Orange UA - Miracle [Free]
41:20 The Kamodo - Сезон охоты на людей [Миротворец LP]
43:51 ПЛОД - Город Греха (New Edition)
47:44 Neironik - The Strange Ritual (metal vers) [Free]
50:42 ПОЧ3РК - Черный Флаг(feat. Koliseum) [Черный Флаг EP]
54:06 The Rockets – Unkle [Blust from the past EP]

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