Backstreet Boys: Preview of "One Phone Call" (Berlin 2013 - Part 8) HD

Backstreet Boys - One Phone Call
previewed by Backstreet Boys during an official fan event live at Café Moskau in Berlin/Germany (July 2nd, 2013)

This is MY video that I took for PRIVATE purposes, but I'm nice enough to share it with anyone who'd like to see it as well. If you are, in any way or for whatever reason, not okay with how I took this video, I'd suggest you to NOT watch it and look for better videos. Just use the dislike button and don't tell me how I should take my videos, because I will keep focusing on Nick anyway. I am in no way obligated to record what YOU would like to see. It is my right to record what I personally want to see. Please respect this.

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recorded with Panasonic Lumix TZ22

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